Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub e.V.

New Board 2016

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On the General Assembly 23rd of April 2016 besides the boad the committees and the representatives were elected, too.
In office are now:

President René Külzer
Vice President Rüdiger Schmidt
Main Breed Warden Edgar Hellmann
Main Training Warden Erwin Klöck
Head of Judges Werner Walter
Editorship Kerstin Glier
Breeding Committee Edgar Hellmann (Head), Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich, Hans-Jürgen Radtke
Training Committee Erwin Klöck (Head), Rainer Dersch, Anton Spindler
Committee for Head Office, Financial, and Legal Affairs René Külzer (Head), Ulrike Grube, Siegmund Trebschuh
Representative for Public Relations Kerstin Glier
Representative for Animal Protection Siegmund Trebschuh
Representative for Rescue Dogs Roswitha Messinger
Cash Auditor Silke Dersch

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