Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub e.V.

Rottweiler agency

A Rottweiler puppy can be found via the central puppy exchange in the ADRK office or via the advertisements in our monthly club magazine "Der Rottweiler" or on the ADRK homepage. The Rottweiler puppies of the ADRK originate from controlled breeding sites. The ADRK possesses one of the strictest breeding regulations in the VDH. This was created for the well-being of our race and for the protection of the puppy buyers. Only a healthy breed guarantees joy with and around our Rottweiler. Further down you will find a list of all Rottweilers that have been checked by the ADRK and are listed. If you would like to place a Rottweiler yourself via the ADRK e.V., simply fill out our form and send the paid application.

Care must be taken with Rottweiler offers from animal magazines or daily newspapers. Most of these are Rottweilers from uncontrolled breeds. Make sure that both parents have passed the ADRK breeding suitability test and let the breeder show you the ADRK litter acceptance certificate. Furthermore, the pedigree on the title page must bear the VDH and FCI logo as shown on this information sheet.


Category Legend:

Dog - Dog older than 6 months;       Emergency - Emergency with recognized papers;       Animal shelter - Emergency placement - Animal shelter / Animal welfare / Private


Breeding class Legend:

KLZ - Kör- + performance breeding;    KZ - Körbreeding;    LZ - performance breeding;    GZ - working dog breeding;    EZ - single breeding;    AD - international breeding file


CategoryKennelsBreed ClassZIPLocationLitter DateFiling DateId
Welpevon der TöpferstadtLZ48703Stadtlohn17.10.202102.11.20219524
Welpevom Hause RoninLZ79639Grenzach-Wyhlen30.10.202105.11.20219527
HundVom Erler Teufelstein LZ47546 Kalkar Wissel 15.11.201823.11.20219536
WelpeRottweiler Zwinger vom Haus RosenbergerLZ06618Crölpa Löbschütz OT Freiroda11.12.202120.12.20219559
Welpevom AmtsbachLZ19089Crivitz, Deutschland04.11.202121.12.20219562
WelpeVon Shambala EZ52156Monschau12.12.202108.01.20229568
Welpevom Mohr-Hof14943Luckenwalde11.02.202228.02.20229575
Welpevom Fuhrenblick LZ26340Zetel02.03.202203.03.20229581
WelpeVom FreisbachtalLZ66625Wolfersweiler16.02.202206.03.20229590
Hundvom Fuhrenblick LZ26340Zetel01.05.202109.03.20229596
WelpeRottweiler Vom Bierweg LZ95473Lindenhardt18.03.20229600
WelpeVom Bakler Berg LZ26197 Großenkneten 26.03.20229609
Welpevon WölpinghausenLZ31556Wölpinghausen31.03.202213.04.20229618
Hundharold wesley bautista philippinenAD8917oberlunkhofen22.09.201814.04.20229621
Hundvom LuchwegEZ15806Zossen05.06.202119.04.20229624
Welpevom WachbergEZ06493Königerode15.04.202220.04.20229627
Welpevon der Rüdersdorfer Höhe EZ07586Kraftsdorf05.04.202221.04.20229630
Welpevon Bernau RehbergeLZ16321Bernau05.03.202223.04.20229633
WelpeVom Rheiderland GZ26831Bunderhee10.04.202226.04.20229636
Welpevom Oberpfälzer WaldEZ92555Trausnitz03.05.202203.05.20229642
Welpevon der SickingerhöheEZ66919Hettenhausen07.05.202208.05.20229651
Welpevom Pfälzer MichelEZ67133Maxdorf06.04.202210.05.20229654
WelpeVon ImmenstettenLZ92277Hohenburg15.05.202216.05.20229660
WelpeVom Müggenburger WaldLZ17358Torgelow 04.05.202217.05.20229663
Welpevom WeiltalLZ35789Weilmünster06.04.202223.05.20229669
Hundvon den WichtelhäusernKLZ35614Aßlar24.01.201528.05.20229672
Welpevon der Rüdersdorfer Höhe EZ07586Kraftsdorf05.04.202231.05.20229675
Welpe"von der Elsteraue"GZ06258Schkopau / OT-Lochau18.05.202202.06.20229678
WelpeVon der Felsenschlucht LZ67705Trippstadt 13.04.202203.06.20229681
NotfallVom Immelnbusch53501Grafschaft09.04.202105.06.20229687
Welpevon der Staubzer Höhe EZ01877Schmölln Putzkau01.04.202212.06.20229690
Welpevon der Sickinger HöheEZ66919Hettenhausen07.05.202217.06.20229693
WelpeVom Hause LanghammerEZ32832Augustdorf - 32832 (Nordrhein-Westfalen)09.06.202219.06.20229699

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