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Cooperation partner - Wau TV

Mitglied Werden

Dear friends of Rottweilers, members and visitors,

with great pleasure I would like to inform you about our new cooperation partnership with Wau TV.

Wau TV is a video magazine on the subject of dogs.  Wau TV reports factually, trend-free and entertaining in form of reports and interviews. Wau TV provides valuable expert advice for dog lovers and owners. Wau TV program can be received free around the clock, both on the Internet, on mobile devices, but also via Smart TV app. Wau TV is always pleased with new fans, followers and subscribers, and it is also open to new subject ideas.

Wau TV is linked directly via our Partner site, if you have any further questions, or just want to visit Wau TV website. There you can find many exciting themes about dogs and about our mutual hobby.

Wau-TV Wau TV was so friendly to provide us with prepared video reports and interviews from the last ADRK World Cup, that has taken place in Eschweiler. You can see this report in the new Panaroma section at any time. We look forward to further cooperation and expect that we will receive professional videoclips about our hobby and the club in the future.

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