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Supplementary feeding

"I have been told by some of my dog friends that there are certain products and feeds that have a positive effect on the skin or joints of dogs. Can I feed them without hesitation or is there something specific to consider here?"

Dog owners can fall back on a multitude of substances that have a positive effect on the dog's organism and can provide relief in case of problems. These so-called Nutraceuticals - derived from nutrition (nutrition) and pharmaceutical (pharmaceutical) - provide your dog with important nutrients and contain special active substances that contribute to health maintenance and prevent diseases.

However, dog owners should be careful when selecting special food supplements. Only choose foods that have been scientifically proven to have the expected effect. In particular, make sure that there are no substances in the feed that are toxic to dogs and can have negative effects. For example, garlic preparations against ticks and other ectoparasites should be avoided as a matter of urgency, as several studies have shown no efficacy and garlic is even toxic to dogs because of the sulphur compounds it contains. Therefore, before you feed any additives to your dog, make sure that you have a lot of information and, ideally, ask your vet about the suitability of the feed in question.

The green-lipped mussel, for example, has proven its worth in supporting joint health. It contains the cartilage components glycosaminoglycans and anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Linseed and fish oils also contain large amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, which benefit the joints, skin, immune system and cardiovascular system of the dog.

When feeding health-promoting substances, owners should keep an eye on the nutritional requirements of the dog and pay particular attention to the fact that the additional supply of nutrients does not lead to mistakes. Ideally, the nutraceuticals are already contained in a diet specially adapted to the needs of the dog.

If, on the other hand, the normal ration is supplemented with special supplementary feeds, they must not simply be added to the previous ration. This could result in critical oversupply with different nutrients. In order to continue to ensure a balanced diet for dogs, the total ration should be adjusted to the additives after selection of a suitable supplementary diet and determination of the optimum quantity.

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